Teeth Whitening Splint (lower).


The lower model is trimmed as shown and any major undercuts are blocked out. Thermo wax has been used here. The model is then cold mould sealed to prevent the splint material and spacer material from bonding to the lower model.

A ‘blank’ of Hardcast is used to act as a spacer for the teeth whitening gel.

The Hardcast 'blank is vacuum formed over the lower model.

A buccal view of the lower model with the vacuum formed Hardcast 'blank' covering the model.

The excess 'blank' material is cut away from the model.

A heated scalpel blade is used to cut around the gingival margins and through the Hardcast 'blank'.

A Bioplast Bleach 'blank' (1mm) is then vacuum formed over the lower model in the same method using the Biostar machine.

(and the excess material trimmed away as before during the upper splint fabrication).

Left (above) is the formed Bioplast Bleach 'blank' that will be trimmed and smoothed to be used as the teeth whitening splint. 

Left (below) is the Hardcast spacer material that can be discarded.

The finished lower teeth whitening splint.

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